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Coach Crystal Pave Penguin Key Ring 92604SVMC

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$38.00 (100%)
You waited too long, and now we’re sold out. You must be devastated. At least you can hold on to the hope that tomorrow we’ll have another awesome luxury deal on the table. Now wipe your tears and go buy yourself a cookie. You’ll feel better tomorrow.

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Daily Deal Key RingHoney, the tsunami is on it’s way, the earthquake aftershocks keep coming, Mt. Blacktop is ready to blow, and the weatherman just said another tornado is on it’s way into the city! We’ve got to get out of here now!

I know! I’ve got my backpack full of food and water and am ready to go!

Good! Me, too. Now we’ll have to go on foot since traffic is at a standstill but I think…

Wait! I forgot one thing!

Oh, no what? The matches? First aid kit? Our wedding pictures?!

My Coach Crystal Pave Penguin Key Ring!

Your purse? Are you kidding me!?

No, you idiot! It’s my best little designer buddy! It’s a Coach for crying out loud. It is the beautifully simple statement that has made all my friends jealous. I even got it at a deal of the day discount! I can’t survive without it!

Look, we literally have seconds to spare before the next wave of destructive comets pounds the city to rubble. We don’t have time to…

That key ring is at the pinnacle of style and grace. I don’t think I want to live in a world without that. I don’t just want to survive! I want to thrive! I’m going back in!

Honey, wait…don’t forget my Rolex.

I knew you’d understand.

Silver-tone key ring with crystal encrusted penguin pendant.
Measures: 3 1/8" total length. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 3-7 business days after order.
Products specifications
Manufacturer Item CC92604SVMC
Brand Coach

Coach was founded in 1941 as a family-run workshop. In a Manhattan loft, six artisans handcrafted a collection of leather goods using skills handed down from generation to generation. Discerning consumers soon began to seek out the quality and unique nature of Coach craftsmanship.

Now greatly expanded, Coach continues to maintain the highest standards for materials and workmanship. Coach’s exceptional workforce remains committed to carefully upholding the principles of quality and integrity that define the company.

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