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Concord Watches

Founded in 1908 in Biel Switzerland. In 1915, Concord became the first private-label luxury watch brand in the world.


Concord is returning to the center of the watch making stage by entirely redefining itself with a bold new philosophy and daring, distinctive new products. The metamorphosis reveals a brand with a clear-cut and uncompromising character. Further to the brand's relentless passion for reliability and technology, the Concord timepieces display a highly innovative, ambitious design that is fresh, bold, and highly unexpected. Expressed through a strong, edgy identity that turns traditional watch making conventions upside down by their style and functionality, Concord timepieces offer a chance to view time measurement from a completely new angle.


Concord watches embody cutting-edge technology - each execution is based on an original and demanding approach: watch design process has been stripped down so that each of its elements and components can be rethought in its own right. Concord demonstrates its know-how in the construction of exceptionally complex cases and, through its focus on quality, setting strict standards that govern each step of the conception and manufacturing processes.

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Concord Saratoga White Rubber Mens Watch 0311513
$2,990.00 $1,046.50