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Haurex Italy Diverso Black and Grey Dial Ladies Watch NF369DNN

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Christmas Delivery guaranteed in the US when you select 2 day shipping. A stunning and eye catching timepiece from Haurex Italy. This deal of the day is $59.99 (87% off the $450retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).

Daily Deal NF369DNNSo many people say they dread the holidays with their families. Once Thanksgiving passes and December arrives, the anxiety builds and builds until the fateful day comes of the first get together. But why do we fear it so much? If it were really all that bad, you could just called your family and say, “I’m not coming this year because every time I spend more than an hour with you people, I want to poke my eyes and ears out with a #2 Pencil,” and that would be it. No more family holidays. But I think, in a masochistic way, we actually LIKE those excruciating moments with our loved ones. We like it when uncle Jeff pokes his fingers in your mashed potatoes to check the temperature. We like it when our mothers asks us for the 100th time why we decided against law school. We like it when our step-cousins torture the family cat. Why? Because it gives us something great to talk about when we get back to work. It gives us an excuse for why our lives are so screwed up (it’s why I can’t walk into a Laundromat without weeping uncontrollably). And at the very least, it makes us feel saner than we did before (just like watching Jerry Springer). So we at JomaDeals are offering you a little something to help get you through the holidays. The Haurex Italy Diverso Watch is a stunning, eye catching timepiece from the best watchmakers in the world. When life gets messy, it will always provide a little life to get you through. So when you’re singing family carols and time feels like it’s inching by, you can look at your watch to see that time is still moving at the same pace; you’re just stuck in a time warp known as quality family time.

Christmas Delivery guaranteed in the US when you select 2 day shipping. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 1-3 business days after order.

In 1989 two young men, a little bold and reckless but willing to succeed and a with a great creativity, had an idea: to create a little watch collection to distribute it in the best watch and jewellery shops in Bologna.

Their names are Giuseppe La Giusa and Maurizio Bianchini. Since then, a friend has joined them as partner, Stefano Turrini, the company has become an important reality and the brand Haurex counts more than 850 licensee in Italy and is distributed in more than 30 foreign countries. The spirit that aims the brand is marked by a continuous aesthetic research, both in materials and in the chromatic juxtaposition and all the collections are marked by the exclusivity of the products.

Haurex Italy is an historical company in Bologna that, since its establishment, has had the aim to realize wristwatches with an exclusive design, paying great attention to the details and the materials to guarantee the high quality of the product, which is always in line with the latest fashion trends. The growing success of Haurex is closely connected to the Italian design, carried on by a young team of designers that pay great attention to the new trends and the details of the product, as in our best design tradition. The care placed in the product gleams also through the packaging, designed by Haurex. Exclusive design, care of details, high quality materials.

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