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Ike Milano Lifestyle Watch LS973

JomaDeals “Best Deals of 2009” series: your choice of three futuristic Ike Milano watches to kick off the first day of a futuristic future. This deal of the day is $39 (83% off the $230 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).

Happy New Year’s Day! Today is the first day of what we hope will be a glorious year. 2009 was sucky. Let’s leave it in the past. 2010 is in our future and looks great. The weird thing about 2010: it’s officially the futuristic future. You know what I mean? 2010 was always the year that futuristic action thrillers from the 80’s used to be based on, and now the future is the present. Unfortunately, we don’t have flying cars, robot waiters, hover boards, or a cure for male pattern baldness (curse you, science!), but we do have crocs, the snuggie, sham-wow, and today’s deal of the day, the Ike Milano Lifestyle men’s watch. This watch is truly an innovation that would have put people from the 80s in awe. Not only is it available in three different styles, white, black or blue, but it also come with some pretty cool futuristic features, like Glareproof mineral glass with a magnifying cyclops over the date, a see-through Polycarbonate band, and Quartz Miyota 2115 movement (I don’t even know what that is. That’s how futuristic it is). So until science creates a microchip that we can insert into our brains to tell us the time, this super cool watch will have to do. And look at the bright side. At least enough time has passed between now and the 80s that 80s fashion has come back in style (time to break out the purple blazer with the sleeves rolled up and the high water acid-washed denim pants! That look rocks!*)

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this listing are exclusively those of the writer and not associated with nor supported by and its affiliated corporations. We do not think that look ever rocked and believe it will not rock now or ever.*

Disclaimer: The views expressed by JomaDeals are, in fact, lame, in the informed opinion of the writer of this listing.*

Disclaimer: The writer is a jerk and apparently does not enjoy getting paid.*

Disclaimer: The aforementioned blazer and acid-washed pants will remain in the closet, due to a private settlement made between JomaDeals and the writer.*

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Products specifications
Gender Mens
Manufacturer Item LS973
Collection Lifestyle
Movement Quartz Miyota 2115
Case Material Polycarbonate
Case Shape Round
Case Back Staniless steel snap caseback
Bezel Top ring with 24-hour hand
Hands Luminous Silver
Crystal Glareproof mineral glass with a magnifying cyclops over the date
Dial Markders Screw
Band Material Polycarbonate
Water Resistance 100m (328ft)
Warranty 2-Year JomaDeals Warranty
Brand IKE
Calendar Date at the 3 position
Bezel Material Graduated stainless steel
Band Type Polycarbonate case and band make for a unique near see-through look
Movement Luminous silver
Manufacturer Item Mens standard
Style Battery
Luminescent Dial, Crown, Case back, Clasp

Ike was born in 2004 from the brilliance of Christian Zanaboni. Following in the family tradition of watch making, he combined experience and innovation to bring his ideas and brilliance to life. Drawing his inspiration from the most prestigious classic models, revisited in a modern way with a little bit of irreverent irony, he created several collections, from the sport to fashion.

Together with Fabio Paul, he started the production of IKE watches, which was immediately meet with popular approval from a mass of watch aficionados. Sold at a medium-high price range, they are sold by a network of dealers chosen among the most exclusive jewelers/watchmakers shops in Italy. IKE is also present in most European countries.

IKE watches are primarily defined by attention to detail. All the collections are designed in Italy, where it undergoes strict quality control in order to guarantee a product that is always up to the expectations of the most exigent customers.

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