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Invicta Pro Diver, Subaqua and Speedway Collection Dog Tags

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$120.00 (80%)
You waited too long, and now we’re sold out. You must be devastated. At least you can hold on to the hope that tomorrow we’ll have another awesome luxury deal on the table. Now wipe your tears and go buy yourself a cookie. You’ll feel better tomorrow.

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A unique dog tag from Invicta in your choice of 3 colors that will be the one thing you save if your home ever catches on fire. This deal of the day is $19.99 (87% off the $150 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).

 Deal TagsHelp! Help! Someone please help me!

What is it ma’am?!

My home is burning down and there’s something irreplaceable inside that I need to rescue before the whole thing comes down!

I’ll go in after it, ma’am! I’m an Eagle Scout and earned my merit badge in Reckless Rescue Maneuvers.

Oh, thank you, thank you!

What do you need me to save? Your child? Your dog? Your wedding pictures?

My Invicta Pro Diver Collection Dog Tags!

Your…dog tags?

Yes, I left them on my bedside table, the top floor, just about where the fire started. Now off you go!

Wait, wait, you want me to save a necklace? I can’t risk my life for a dog tag.

Why not?! They mean the world to me. Unique design, casual feel, artistic wonderland-esque design, and I got them at a 87% deal of the day discount. I mean, where else can you find dog tags like that, huh? How would I ever replace them?!

Alright, alright, you made your point. I’ll go after them.

Oh, thank you! And while you’re in there, grab my Girl Scout cookies, also in the bedside table.

Now you want me to save your girl scout cookies?

Wouldn’t you?

I…yea, I guess. Be right back.

Your choice of 1 tag from your favorite Invicta collection. Aqua for Pro Diver, red for Corduba and yellow for Speedway.
Stainless steel 30" ball chain.
One stainless steel tag dressed with aqua, red or yellow enamel.
Second tag in highly polished silver-tone stainless steel.
Tags measure 25mm width x 42mm height.
Stainless steel lobster clasp. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 5-7 business days after order, pending verification.

Latin for "Invincible", Invicta was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by Raphael Picard. Picard had the radical notion that fine Swiss timepieces could be offered at modest prices. In 1837 Invicta began handcrafting its first watches and for well over a century this diligent company created manual and automatic winding pieces of exceptional design and construction.

In 1991, the descendents of the Invicta family re-established the brand holding firm to Picard's founding principle of affordable luxury. They recognized that Invicta could provide the watch buying public with unprecedented access to the fine Swiss quality at prices well within their reach.

Still privately owned and operated, Invicta has powered forward with Picard's maverick spirit, and the once small company has grown into a dynamic force worshipped by collectors and feared by the watch-making industry. In the history of Invicta watch, one thing has remained constant: Invicta watches are known for their quality and beautiful design. This is as true today as it was a century ago.

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