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<p>The revolutionary Infra Chef halogen oven is the all in one cooking solution that can: bake, stew, roast, toast, sear, brown, BBQ, steam, reheat and much more!</p><p>The innovative design cooks tastier meats 3 x faster using a combination of three methods. First, intense heat transmission – the unique design converts electrical energy into an intense conduction heat just like a traditional oven. Second, infrared waves – the revolutionary heating element emits thermal heat waves that profile and penetrate food directly sealing in flavor and juices giving superior browning and crisping. Third, convection – A hot whirlwind circulates air around the food giving even cooking every time, with no need to turn.</p><p>Cook meals faster and more easily with the Infra Chef Family Size Halogen Oven today!</p><p>Features include:</p><ul><li>Bake, Grill, Roast, Steam, Cook, Self Clean</li><li>Cooks 3 x faster than traditional methods</li><li>Reduces fat by 60%</li><li>Saves up to 80% energy</li><li>Cooks more evenly</li><li>Replaces a number of appliances</li><li>1 to 60 minute timer</li><li>Thaw wash to 480 degree Fahrenheit temperature range</li><li>12 liter cooking capacity (approx. 3 gallons)</li><li>Extender ring increases cooking capacity to 15 liters (approx. 4 gallons)</li><li>Upper rack</li><li>Lower/Egg cooking rack</li><li>Tongs</li><li>Lid/Cooker assembly</li><li>Oven lid stand</li><li>Insulated base with carry handles</li><li>10 slice toast rack</li><li>Fry pan</li><li>Steamer rack</li><li>Instruction manual with recipes</li><li>Dimensions: 13 x 15.5 x 12.5 inches</li><li>44 inch cord</li>