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Men's Cufflinks Liquidation Sellout: Three Pairs of Assorted Men's Designer Cufflinks

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$150.01 (83%)

This is a JomaDeals exclusive item.

3 randomly chosen sets of regal designer cufflinks. This deal of the day is $14.99 (92% off the $180 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).

Daily Deal CufflinksWhat if the United States had royalty? It’s kind of fun to think about (like that one show Kings that came out last year, which I personally thought was really cool but apparently no one else did). And if the US did have royalty, they would definitely wear these cufflinks(aha, did you see how I transitioned into that one? Didn’t see it coming, did you? I’m so smooth today). This luxurious cufflink set is sleek, regal, classy, and oozing with contemporary royalty (minus the big ears mousy overbite; think Prince William, not Prince Charles). It goes well with a tux, a sports car, a golf bag, or even an old baggy t-shirt from that company teambuilding exercise you went to 7 years ago with the stain on it that you now use as a pajama shirt (hey, you don’t have to look like a male model ALL the time).

These cufflinks are made with intriguing high-polish innovative designs. They are perfect for the self-assured man that doesn’t need anything external to give him confidence (but still wants it sometimes. We all get a little insecure). But it’s not all flash. They also have enough dash to them so if you ever need to shed the tux for fatigues,  you’ll be able to do it without bothering to change your cufflinks (unless you have to go through airport security on your way, then you’ll have to take them off and put them in that little plastic container along with your belt, cell phone, and shoes, and as you step through that stupid machine, it beeps so you have to go through it again 20 times, each time shedding more and more clothing until you’re in your whitey-tighties and you’re pulled aside and given the “wand” until they finally find that stray nickel hidden in one of your socks, and then when you finally get dressed and put your cufflinks back on, you missed your flight). They're the kind of dual nature accessories that allow you to switch back and forth from titillating to tough guy, from arugula to hamburger, from Governator to Terminator. They make enough of a statement to earn a rightful place in your court.

Our Buyers Purchased All The Inventory From A Cufflink Manufacturer That closed Their Doors Forever. We are offering the inventory to our customers only, once these are gone they won't come back. You will receive a random assortment of 3 different style cufflinks in each order, picked from a random assortment. Images are indicative of some of the options that will be sent. Retail price $59.99 each pair. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 3-7 business days after order.
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