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.10 CTW Cubic Zirconia 14k Gold-Filled Stud Earrings

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$35.00 (70%)

This is a JomaDeals exclusive item.

A beautiful pair of stud earrings that will cast a spell on you. And then you’ll burn them at the stake. But then regret it 200 years later. This deal of the day is $3.99 (92% off the $49.99 retail price) with FREE SHIPPING. Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).

 Deal EarringsShe’s a witch!

Sigh. Not this again.

No, really! She is! I can prove it!

Did she kidnap and eat your children?


Did she cast a spell on you?

Not exactly…

Does she live in a house made of candy or fly on a broomstick or have green skin?

No, none of those things.

Then what makes you think she’s a witch?

Look at the earrings she’s wearing!

What, those? They're just earrings.

But it’s a special pair of earrings! They're unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. And she claims she got them for $3.99 with free shipping! For a pair of earrings like that, that’s impossible. Obviously, she cast a spell on the seller to make them discount them that much. Witchcraft is the only explanation.

She got them from JomaDeals. Discounted daily deals is what they do. No witchcraft involved at all. In fact, I bought the same pair for my wife. Actually, now that I look at her, that is my wife.

Which is why I thought you’d like to know, sir.

That’s it. We’re burning you at the stake tonight. does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 1-3 business days after order, pending verification.
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