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LP Italy by Lucian Piccard Chronograph Black Mens Watch 2102BK

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Your choice of Lucien Piccard power watches: black or white, good or evil, love or hate. The choice is yours. This deal of the day is $119 (90% off the $1195 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST).

Daily Deal 2102So, my nemesis, you thought you could break into my secret lair and dismantle the atomic bomb I have set to destroy the world. But as you are standing in my headquarters, tied up and strapped beneath a slowly moving death laser, you obviously can see your plan has failed and you will soon die a painful, maniacal death.

You must be wondering about the details of my devious plot, which Villain Code demands that I must divulge to you, but first, I’ll give you a brief history of how I became so evil and powerful in the first place.

Long ago, I was a normal man, working in a stuffy office, unhappy with life, and powerless. But suddenly I saw a watch that I just couldn’t resist. The Lucien Piccard Chronograph Men’s watch. It was sleek, it was gorgeous, it was full of promise and power. But I had to make a choice: the black one or the white one? Good or evil? The power to give, or the power to take?

It is obvious which one I chose. The black one still dons my evil wrist. And I can see that you are currently wearing the white one. You made a choice that day, too. You chose good. I chose evil. And the battle began.

We’re brothers linked by a common watch, sold at an uncommon 90% discount. Now I’m going to kill you. Escape is impossible. Unless of course you can reach the release lever on the other side of the room with that strange grappling hook device your scientist friend installed in your shoe. But honestly, how likely is that to happen? does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 3-7 business days after order.

Lucien Piccard, one of the finest names in classic timepieces, founded in Switzerland in 1923. Lucien Piccard watches have an illustrious history. Lucien Piccard watches and jewelry are some of the most sought after in the world. Lucien Piccard has adorned royalty, dignitaries, and celebrities worldwide. Its notoriety notwithstanding, Lucien Piccard has built a long standing reputation as “the affordable quality Swiss watch”.

Originally renowned for its classic gold precision timepieces, in recent years The LP Watch Group has broadened its lines to incorporate four distinct collections: LP Italy, LP Swiss, Lucien Piccard, and DuFonte by Lucien Piccard.

Since 1923 the very heart of each LP Watch design has relied on our ever evolving philosophy and commitment to quality, excellence and distinction. Please step into a world where classic designs and elegance of fine watch making combine.

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