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Nike Watches

If you don't know Nike by now, there may be something seriously wrong with you (please see a doctor). Nike is the premier sports and athletics brand in the entire world (and I'm not just saying that, they really are). Not only do they stand for sports, but they stand for quality, for independence, for motivation (you know, "Just do it"), and they stand for the power of the individual.

What started with a handshake between a University of Oregon track and field coach and one of his athletes are now the world's most competitive sports and fitness company. Named after the Greek winged goddess of victory, Nike exists to provide a competitive edge for athletes perform better. Since the early 1970s, they have been endorsed by numerous athletes including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Derek Jeter and countless others.

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Nike Torque Titanium Men’s Watch WC0068-502
$199.00 $92.50