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Wittnauer Watches

The Swiss Wittnauer Watch Company has an unusual and original history, from its start-up to its high success today, this company was started by a young boy who immigrated from Switzerland to New York City in 1872. Albert Wittnauer had an amazing ability to create and design quality watches and timepieces at the young age of 16. When he came to the United States, he worked with his brother-in-law in a small watch shop that imported Swiss watches. After working with his relative for a few years, young Wittnauer begins to design watches that he feels will please the American consumer. These unique watches were designed by this young man to include durability and the functions that the public was demanding at that time. His designs were a success within the shop, and the regular clients were impressed and pleased.

Wittnauer introduced the world’s first waterproof, shock-proof, anti-magnetic watch in 1918, the same model that helped Commander Richard E. Byrd navigate his flight over the North Pole.

The company has retained its fantastic reputation of being the makers of the finest watches and timepieces available to consumers. The company is now part of Bulova, yet they continue to produce watches of the highest standards. Their pieces are built using the best technology, combined with the traditional qualities that originally made the company successful. All Wittnauer watches are known for their accuracy, and are said to be not just a watch that tells time, but one that keeps for a lifetime.

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Wittnauer Metropolitan 12 Diamonds Gold Mens Watch 11D000
$695.00 $0.00


Wittnauer Ambassador Mens Watch 10D103
$795.00 $0.00