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Wolf Designs Meridian Collection Triple M2.7 Burlwood Modular Watch 453710

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Details: Gold plated control panel & accents. Black textured silk faceplate. "Lock" in cuff accommodates a wrist size in excess of 10". Handcrafted solid wood construction encased in a smooth piano finish burlwood body. This elegant item will wind up to three fine automatic watches. Runs on 3.3V Adapter (included). Dimensions: 15.5"w x 6"d x 7.5"h. Features: Backlit LCD display: New display screen powers on when control knobs and buttons are utilized or when the chrome plate is touched. Screen will stay lit for 20 seconds. Rotation Settings: New rotation setting options - from 300 to 1200 rotations. Double the TPD (Turns Per Day) if set Bi-directional. By turning the knob on the "ON" setting, the LCD screen will illuminate and rotation settings can be selected by pressing the "+" or "-" buttons. By pressing the "+" or "-" button, you can select rotations in increments of 50. Directional Settings: The knob to the left of the LCD screen provides options to select rotational direction: A = Clockwise; B = Counter Clockwise; and C = Bi-directional. Delayed Program Start: New start delay options from 6 hours to 72 hours (Default is 24 hours). By turning the knob from "ON" to the delay icon you can select rotation start delay. With the "+" or "-" buttons you may select in 6 hour increments from 6 hours to 72 hours. Rotation Countdown: the LCD screen provides a countdown of the remaining rotations to complete the daily cycle. Program Capacity: The individual options of rotation and direction settings combine to offer 57 personal programming options. Watch Cuff: The new cuff has been redesigned to fit today's bigger and heavier watches. The new design "locks" the cuff into the rotator drum. You will feel and hear when the cuff is securely in place. LED Signals: A green light indicates normal rotator operation. A red light indicates either low battery power or that the drum is incorrectly turning. Construction: Module 2.7 winders are constructed with sturdy wood frames and deep padding.
Products specifications
Model 453710
Manufacturer Item WD-453710
Brand Wolf Designs

The Wolf Designs legacy begins like the Deutsche Marchensrasse (Fairytale Road) in Hanau, Germany in 1834. It was in Hanau that Philip Wolf I, a silversmith by trade, began to produce leather-covered presentation cases for his silver products. In 1836, Philip was selling more presentation and jewelry boxes than silver so he moved away from making silver and concentrated on honing his skills making leather boxes. His business continued to grow as many local silver and goldsmiths discovered that their products held greater value when offered in a case made by Philip Wolf.

Wolf Designs pioneered numerous techniques never seen before by the industry, further cementing Wolf Designs' reputation as a maker of fine products.