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Vera Wang Luxury 1 Women's Sunglasses - Bone Horn

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Daily Deal SunglassesWell, Ryant, yesterday we caught everyone’s favorite underage pop star out on a shopping trip in Manhattan. Take a look at the secret footage we shot of her during this private, personal moment.

OMG, what is she wearing?

I know! A black sweater with Shorts? And tennis shoes? Uh, gag me.

And look at her with her new daughter! She’s just standing there like she doesn’t even care about her baby. Like, Duh! I guess I’m a mother now. Sista’, please, she was so not ready to be a mother.

I know, right? If she were a normal person, this kind of criticism would be considered extremely harsh and heartless, but because she’s a celebrity, we can pass as much judgment as we want without fear of reprisal or law suit!

Hoo-ray for pop culture!

But wait a second, Ryant. Look at her glasses.

OoOOooh! I actually like it. Those are some super fine Vera Wangs. That is so in right now.

And so cute!  They are, like, the perfect pair!

And Hello! They are Vera Wang. You can never go wrong with that name brand.

Well, Ryant, do you think we should go easy on her from now on?

Nah! We’ll continue to trash her until her untimely and tragic death, and then we’ll praise her to no end as though it never happened.

Good call.

Vera Wang eyeglasses utilize the finest materials and latest technologies. The Vera Wang collection is made to suit most women in most settings. Vera Wang Sunglasses are exceptionally beautiful and functional eyewear. Known for her exquisite detail and modern, sophisticated approach to classic style, Vera Wang Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory of subtle elegance.

Features include:
- Plastic frame material
- Temples: Skull
- Bridge type: Universal
- Lens: CR-39
- Eye size: 5
- Bridge size: 16
- Temple length: 135
- Handmade in Japan
- Measures 6" L x 5.75" W x 1.625" H does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States. Product ships 3-7 business days after order, pending verification.